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Why don’t you use Schoology?

On Monday, I told the kids we were going to find a way to gamify the Mac Lab and asked for volunteers to help design a system. Of the 20 who volunteered, a solid dozen worked through the summer testing ideas for our fall implementation.

— from The Mac Lab Way

I pitched that idea to the students on May 16, 2011. Now, after more than a decade of development, our gameful learning management system is making school more fun and engaging for an ever-expanding collection of classrooms around the world.

When our school district decided to embrace Schoology, they not only okayed Gameful as an exception, it was offered it as an alternative for the more adventurous educators in the district.

Schoology is a great learning management system for the vast majority of educators. But, as you may be beginning to see, I am not a member of that vast majority. I don’t think different for the novelty; I do it for the results.

Here is how our story began (video commissioned by the Classroom of the Future Foundation):