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Why don’t you give tests or grade assignments?

I think this question is a fork in the road. To the left is the unspoken, “How can you possibly know if students are trying their best?” To the right is the demand for “objective” measurements.

If you want to know how your student is doing:

  1. Look through their Digital Arts Journal.
  2. Read their Weekly Mission Logs.
  3. Compare all entries with the Bullet Point Archive.

Students have all period to work. Count the days since school began. Does it look as if your student is trying their best? In Weekly Family Updates, I’ll explain how to get an even better feel for the scope of their efforts.

As for me, I know what I’ve asked the students to do. I can see who is and is not following instructions. I’ll give repeated fair warnings verbally and via the Gameful feedback system before entering or changing grades. After that, students will know exactly where they stand. After all, they choose their grade with their actions.