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What is my student expected to do?

from (re)Imagine

I expect students to log in and begin the daily mission before the bell rings to start the class. However, I recognize this, and the following atypical expectations may require a few days to take root.

I expect students to continue working through the final bell. I expect no one to pack up, log out, or, heaven forbid, stand by the door before my Thanks and see you tomorrow message (after the bell rings).

I expect students to work at their own pace, so no one gets left behind or is forced to wait for others to finish. 

I expect students to make mistakes.

I expect students to embrace this freedom with responsibility.

Finally, I expect students to try their best, not give up, learn from their mistakes, and play by the rules.

Students who meet these expectations will succeed in the Mac Lab. Period.

Would you like more specific information? Check the Bullet Point Archive, the Family Updates, or the Mission Maps. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact me at mskocko@guhsd.net or (619) 593-5446.