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What if my student isn’t good at ____?

Students who consistently try their best, won’t give up, learn from their mistakes, and play by the rules, have earned an A. Period.

I expect every student to struggle at times. Just as I’m frustrated right now, trying to shape these words to match my intent. But I’m trying my best, and if I don’t give up, this post will find its way to you. Imperfect as usual, but serving its intended purpose.

Hmm. Maybe now would be a good time to share this story.

In March of 2016, I discovered that I’m on the spectrum—a high-functioning autistic. When I told the former department chair of Special Academic Instruction (who has worked with autistic kids for decades), she smiled when I finally finished rambling about all the implications and simply said, “I know.”

Do you know what I know? I know it’s an uneven playing field. So in the Mac Lab, all I ask is for your student to try their best, not give up, learn from their mistakes, and play by the rules. Do that persistently and consistently, and your student has held up their half of the deal.

P.S. It took me over three hours to “finish” this post. (I’m also dyslexic.) I’ll edit it over and over again in the days and weeks ahead. It’s not a race; we work at our own pace. And we continually iterate!