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What about coursework and homework?

After grades, most questions relate to coursework and homework. So let’s start with homework.

As previously mentioned, there is no assigned homework in Digital Arts. Instead, we milk every classroom minute for all it’s worth. First, I ask that students begin watching the daily update before the period starts. Then, continued persistent engagement with the coursework until after the period ends. Consequently, in addition to developing (or reinforcing) a good work ethic, we make far more efficient use of time than a traditional classroom.

As for coursework, you’re never finished in the Mac Lab is more than a mantra; it reflects the nature of our learning environment. Because my tutorials and resources are online, there’s always more to do. So no one ever reaches a stopping point. And because every student works at their own pace, no one is left behind or sits idly.

While students learn, I’m free to answer questions, offer suggestions, or, when necessary, enforce the rules. If you want to see how this works in person, check in at Valhalla’s front desk and ask to observe the Mac Lab. Our doors are always open!

Students enrolled in Digital Arts are provided an Adobe Creative Cloud license. If you have a Mac or PC that meets the system requirements, your student may download the apps at home. (But remember, I do not assign homework, so this is a perk, not a necessity.)

The Bullet Point Archive summarizes the weekly instructions and expectations conveyed in my daily updates. Compare that information with your student’s journal entries (where all of their coursework is archived). Voila! You can see for yourself just how much time and effort your student is investing in Digital Arts.

The Mac Lab is a transparent learning environment. My instructions, tutorials, resources, and assignments are all on the Mission Maps. Likewise, your student’s progress is tracked on their map, and all of their coursework is in their journal. As the parent of a Valhalla grad (class of 2015), I know it doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Suggestion: It might be beneficial to discuss this as a family so everyone stays on the same page.