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Bullet Point Archive

Image from Quarter 4 of our COVID school year. Links to relevant dailies will be included in this year’s bullet points.

Students begin each period with the Daily Update mission. Every. Single. School day. The videos and bullet points in the daily updates are one method that keeps everyone on the same page (even as the kids are working at their own pace on different missions).

For parents who want more specifics, the bullet points (below) convey the highlights. The links adjacent to each bullet point back to the daily mission for those interested in more information. In addition, each month you’ll also receive a Family Update.


  • MON: The Final 25% – Make it Matter | More Short Tutorials
  • MON: Shop Vac – The Gold Standard for Kinetic Typography
  • TUE: The Big Gamble – Deeds Not Words
  • WED: The Mac Lab’s Global Impact
  • THU: Curiosity is a Fragile Thing
  • FRI: Daily Discoveries – They’re There for the Taking


  • MON: Epic Quests – Open Invitation
  • MON: Reminders – Freedom with Responsibility | Pinterest Tutorials
  • TUE: Once Again, What Will You Do?
  • WED: Excitement is Indispensable
  • THU: Skocko Was Wrong
  • THU: Oh, The Places You’ll Go (Or Won’t, As The Case May Be)
  • THU: Word Crimes – Joyful Rewards


  • MON: Stuff Happens | Plans Change
  • TUE: Choose to Live
  • WED: Infinite Possibilities
  • THU: Long But Necessary
  • THU: So, Do You Think You Can?
  • FRI: Reinvent Your Job and Role – Become a Company of One


  • MON: Leveraging Autonomy, Master, and Purpose
  • MON: Cut Skocko Some Slack This Week
  • TUE: What if? The Often Unasked Magical Question
  • TUE: Winter Concert Poster Update
  • WED: What if? A Real-World Example
  • THU: What if You had a Chance to Contribute? (No Code Required)
  • FRI: The Answer is Right in Front of You


  • MON: Play the videos at normal speed and give me your complete attention
  • MON: Winter Concert Poster Deathmatch Invite
  • TUE: Purpose Provides Meaning
  • WED: Creative Problem Solving
  • THU: Hopes, Dreams, and Unexpected Outcomes
  • THU: How to Fix Question Marks in the Dock
  • FRI: Make Yourself Necessary to the World


  • MON: Intro to Mockups
  • MON: Week 9 Progress Report Grades
  • FROM ADMIN: Please ask students to print papers in the library before school, during break, at lunch, and after school and refrain from writing passes during class time for printing.
  • TUE: Practice or Perish | Well, or Simply Fade Into Obscurity
  • WED: Look Afresh at What You Normally Take for Granted
  • THU: Think, and Become a Light and a Power
  • THU: Give Credit Where Credit is Due
  • FRI: It was as obvious as the blind spot in front of my face


  • MON: Little Things Matter
  • MON: Getting Started in Photoshop
  • TUE: Step Outside Your Box and See the World in New Light
  • WED: Desktops, Mockups, and Presentation
  • THU: Yoda was Wrong | Trying is Where it All Begins
  • FRI: What Should Human Life Be?


  • MON: Command+Q and Relaunch if the Videos Won’t Load
  • MON: Will you take the chances offered?
  • MON: My Life in 3 Minutes
  • TUE: What Questions Could We Ask!
  • TUE: Login Window in Lightbox → Command + R to Refresh
  • TUE: Did Quitting and Relaunching the Browser Work?
  • WED: The Call | Will You Find the Time?
  • THU: The Choice | Will You Find the Time to Listen?
  • FRI: Failing Our Way Forward By Learning From Our Mistakes
  • FRI: Failure is a Flashlight | Use it to Find Your Way

Week 6

  • MON: Stuff Happens | Roll with it, not in it
  • MON: The Norse Players Poster Challenge
  • TUE: (re)Imagine Possibilities
  • WED: Week 6 Grades | You Have the Power
  • THU: Be the Best You Can Be
  • FRI: Make Something Happen | It All Begins With Us

Week 5

  • MON: Grades have been posted → The Music in You
  • MON: New Quests and New Videos
  • TUE: Before the Parting → What you need to know
  • WED: Let’s Learn This Together
  • THU: A Band Finds its Visual Voice → Find yours!
  • THU: Little Bribes
  • FRI: Do Something Amazing
  • FRI: Alien Song

Week 4

  • TUE: Grades → The Mac Lab Rubric
  • TUE: Deeper Dive Passwords + Music
  • TUE: Fall Concert Poster
  • WED: The Currency of Our Education System
  • WED: Back to School Night
  • THU: Quick Buffs → Illustrator Tips and Tricks
  • THU: Today’s Quote of the Day
  • THU: New Vids in Ai Tips and Tricks
  • FRI: Do something to make the world a better place

Week 3

  • MON: Learn Something New + The Music in You
  • MON: Fall Concert Poster for Vocal Music
  • TUE: The Dock that wouldn’t hide → Please follow these instructions
  • TUE: Document Your Journey → My Demo Blog (You need to write more than I do)
  • TUE: Fall Concert Poster → If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll never begin
  • WED: Resilience, Perseverance, and Iteration
  • WED: Hide the Freaking Dock → Do it!
  • THU: Focus on your typography
  • THU: “More Hippie-Like”
  • FRI: Real Artists Ship → Time to get real

Week 2

  • MON: The video won’t load
  • MON: Flymageddon → Stuff happens
  • MON: Learn the Fundamentals → Required, NOT an option
  • TUE: Moving Forward → Patience Grasshopper
  • TUE: Creativity and Collaboration → The Mac Lab’s Secret Sauce
  • TUE: Mac Lab Mentors
  • TUE: Journal Entries → The Scoop and the confession
  • WED: Learn to Fly → Long-term projects
  • THU: Tech Happens
  • THU: KUSI Pep Rally and Odin’s Procession → WEAR ORANGE
  • THU: Black and White to Technicolor!
  • FRI: You have the power → The questions is: How will you use it?

Week 1

  • MON: Welcome to Digital Arts in the Mac Lab + Ground Rules
  • MON: Skill Building, Journaling, and adding your voice via the Deeper Dives
  • TUE: UBU. The Mac Lab is a safe place for all students
  • TUE: If you haven’t already, please see the Weekly Journal v.1 quest and follow the instructions
  • WED: What Do I Write in My Journal?
  • THU: Hide Dock, Manuel Full Screen, Command Tab (to Switch Apps)
  • THU: Is your Adobe ID Working? Tell me if it’s not
  • FRI: You know, Skocko was serious about the first vid in 1.4
  • FRI: Always start with today’s Skill Building quest + Branding and T-Shirts and Posters, oh my!